Overland Connect

Connect to your Open Humans account to store location data from the Overland iPhone app.

Connect to Open Humans

What is Overland?

Overland is a free and open source app for iOS and for Android. It tracks your location and sends your data to a server of your choosing. It is highly configurable to help you preserve privacy and battery life, if you wish to do so!

Overland's data includes:

  • Your continuous location data (latitude and longitude)
  • Wifi network names
  • Battery status

What does this website do?

If you log in with your Open Humans account you can use this app to transfer your Overland location data to your Open Humans account.

This project is run by the Open Humans Foundation and governed by the Open Humans terms of use.

You can read more about its code, operation, and data management in our About/FAQ page.

Will Open Humans make my location data publicly available?

The short answer: No.
The long answer: Data is private by default. If you want to, you can opt to make data sets publicly available on Open Humans and/or share it with other projects, but you can always keep data private.